• Personal and business item storage
  • Safe, air-conditioned document storage
  • Individualized hours available. We work around YOUR schedule!

Business Storage offers added Services!

Storage for our business clients includes receiving, shipping and cataloging services in addition to providing inventory storage.

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Business Services & Storage Solutions

Our business solutions can meet the needs of Retailers, Attorneys, Accountants, and Government in the Palmdale and Lancaster Area.

Businesses can't afford to waste sales floor space storing things. Sales space is expensive. Stored material at our facility costs you $0.69 per square foot. Storing at your business can cost $3.00 per square foot.

Store your attorney records, medical records, tax records, old signs, fixtures, and seasonal materials with AV Self Storage until you need them.

Our Services include:

  • Receiving - Our onsite Resident Manager can accept deliveries for your business, and advise you on arrival!
  • Seasonal Storage - Rotate your seasonal inventory & fixtures to a storage unit, and fee up space!
  • Document Storage - Need space to store old records? Remove the clutter & wasted space and move your old documents to storage.
  • Inventory Storage - Do you need a place to store additional products? Store your excess inventory with us!
  • Bar-coded box and file document storage in a secure, modern and clean warehouse facility
  • Just-in-Time warehousing and delivery services. Use your store's backroom for sales, not storage. Send us your shipping request, we'll get it delivered.

AV Self Storage Business Storage can lower your business cost and increase productivity by:

  • Storing seasonal advertisements and fixtures off-site to save room for inventory.
  • Increasing sales floor space by eliminating office and record storage.
  • Adding additional inventory storage so you can gain discounts by buying in bulk.

We can store your:

  • Records and Receipts - The IRS is hungry! Store your tax records. The IRS budget has been increased for audits.
  • Storage for Contractor Tools - Store tools or later use for projects.
  • Store Mini-Workshops - Store equipment needed for future workshops.
  • Vehicle Storage - Store vehicles until they are needed.
  • Signs - Not have enough room for your seasonal signage? Store you banners, and other promotional materials until they are needed.
  • Furniture - Store extra furniture until you need it. Why clutter your office with furniture that is only in the way?
  • Office Equipment - Need a place to store old Fax, or copy equipment? Maybe you want to store your old computer, just in case?
  • Vehicles - Store your vehicles where you know they will be safe.

AV Self Storage allows you to:

  • Access your items 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you need access, you have it. (Prior arrangement needed.)
  • Use our services only when you need them. Need to add inventory for Holiday sales? Rent space only for the time you need!
  • Increase or decrease your space based on your need. Add units when you need more space, cancel units when your needs change. You can't do that with your store.

AV Self Storage has been meeting and exceeding the business storage needs of the Palmdale, Lancaster & Antelope Valley area for over 30 years. Come and see how AV Self Storage can make doing business in Palmdale & Lancaster easier for you.

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